Air quality will be ‘continually monitored’ in Carrickfergus


There will be continued monitoring of the air quality around Carrickfergus, members of the local authority have been told.

The announcement followed the presentation of the annual Air Quality Progress report at last month’s meeting of the Environmental Services Committee.

In response to a question from Councillor Noel Williams, director of Environmental Services Alan Barkley confirmed that there were no areas of concern highlighted in the report for Carrick.

Pointing out that the move from coal to gas as a fuel source has had a positive impact, Mr Barkley said that the air quality of the town will continue to be monitored.

Responding to a query from Cllr Billy Ashe, Mr Barkley indicated that he would investigate if rent was still being paid on land around the air quality monitoring station located at Rosebrook.

He added that the station had been decommissioned with plans to reinstate the grass in spring of this year.