Air Cadets launch new crest

The new crest of 2062 (Carrickfergus) squadron ATC.  INCT 06-720-CON
The new crest of 2062 (Carrickfergus) squadron ATC. INCT 06-720-CON

The legacy of Carrickfergus Borough Council is continuing in a new crest launched by a local Cadet unit.

The 2062 (Carrickfergus) Squadron Air Training Corps revealed the design last week.

The new badge aims to reflect the town’s history and retain a connection with the Armed Forces.

The local unit obtained official permission from the former Carrickfergus Council to utilise elements of the borough’s coat of arms in the design.

They were also granted permission to use the local authority’s motto, ‘Gloria Prisca Novatur’, which translates as ‘The Glory of Old Made New’.

“With the end of Carrickfergus Borough Council in 2015, the squadron felt it was important to retain the borough’s identity in some shape or form; particularly considering the long connections that Carrickfergus has with our Armed Forces,” said Peter Mann, the squadron’s civilian instructor.

“The squadron is honoured to be granted permission to continue the legacy of the Carrickfergus Borough Council area and its relationship with the military.

“We feel that this is all the more important as Baroness Carrickfergus was recently appointed as the patron of the Air Cadets. Every squadron across the UK endeavours to be part of the local community and we hope that with our new crest we can further our connections with the people of the town.”