A thankful heart can help reverse the situation

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“God is pruning you to make you faithful” - John 15:2

Refuse to be distorted, keep your armour bright

Making time to pray throughout the day,

See God’s hand in every complex happening

Assured that he will be your strength and stay.

We know the ground we travel is not easy

But let’s remember when met with disappointment,

That our confidence daily lies within His keeping

And through Him we are reappointed.

A thankful heart can help reverse the situation

And calmly tells us He is here to bless

Let’s try never to offend in word or deed

But rather share a little happiness.

Holding fast to hope whatever may befall

Trusting Him through storms, sunshine or rain

Ever thankful God is there to help us

Rise above our feelings and begin again.

- Doreen Craig