70 offenders in borough

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More than 70 convicted violent and sexual offenders are currently living in the Mid & East Antrim Borough whose risk to the community is being managed under public protection arrangements, it has been revealed.

A presentation by PPANI (Public Protection Arrangements NI) to a council committee last week confirmed that there are three ‘Category Two’ offenders and 71 ‘Category One’ offenders residing in the borough, with Category One being the lowest level of assessed risk and three being the highest.

Both sexual and violent offenders are included within the categories of risk with Categories 2 and 3 offenders risk-managed under the multi-agency public protection arrangements.

Category 1 offenders, of which 71 are resident in the borough, are risk-managed by a single agency in the community. There are no Category 3 offenders currently residing in Mid & East Antrim, the Council’s Community Planning Committee was told.

It was stressed by PPANI coordinator Julie Smyth that PPANI “manage risk, not people”.

PPANI was introduced in October, 2008 to make more effective the work the police, probation and others do to manage the risks posed by certain sexual and violent offenders when they are released from prison into the community.

Not a statutory body in itself, PPANI is a structure that enables agencies to “undertake their statutory duties and coordinate their functions to enhance public protection”.