Watered whisky at party leaves taste of bleach in mouth

A dose of chlorine in tap water was blamed for ruining the taste of whisky at a party in Greenisland in 1961.

Councillor Thomas Wilson told a meeting of Larne Rural District Council that he had received more than 300 complaints about the taste of Greenisland’s water.

Mr. Wilson said that whisky which had been poured at the party had to be thrown out after water had been added.

Mr. WWC Torrance stated that a number of overseas visitors who had been staying in the area also had to dispose of whisky due to the taste.

Council engineer Charles Hamilton explained that chlorine had been “dosed” into the Greenisland water supply at a “maximum rate to kill bacteria”.

He indicated that a new dosing part had been added to a machine to increase the amount of chlorine added.

He said that this had since been reduced following complaints and could be further decreased.

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