Unique blanket was made in Carrick

A revolutionary new blanket unveiled to Ulster shoppers for the first time in April 1961 was made at Carrick’s Courtaulds factory.

The cellular style bedding was manufactured from courtelle which was produced locally.

The new style went on sale in the province for the first time in a Larne shop, RJ Alexander’s.

It came in courtelle and cotton options.

Cotton blankets were produced in rose, twilight, mistletoe, gold and natural colours with courtelle options in coral, wedgewood, lime, champagne and white.

Prices ranged from 16s 6d to 52s and 6d according to size.

Mr. RA Wilson, a representative of the manufacturer, explained that the blankets had been made based on the same principle as a string vest.

Mr. Wilson added: “You can never become too hot or too cold between these blankets.”

He explained that the cellular construction combined “wonderful warmth with freedom of movement”.

He claimed that a hospital doctor in England had said: “It’s the type of blanket which the hospitals have been waiting for.”

In London, 300 cellular blankets were sold weekly.