Trouble feared at Carrick disco in 1986.

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There were fears over potential trouble at a new disco in Carrick in August 1986.

The ‘bring a bottle’ disco was due to open in the seaside town, but opposition was coming in from local churches and the police.

Anxious residents felt that the new disco would cause havoc in the town, as plans were announced for it to stay open until 2am.

The venue allowed revellers to bring beer and spirits but no wine or cider. There was also a strict rule in place that party goers could not consume any alcohol before attending the disco nights, and a team of six doormen would not let people in who had.

The owner of the venue had been inspired to open the disco after the death of her husband, who had wanted to start a disco for teenagers in the town.

When the woman looked into opening a venue for teenagers, it made better business sense for her to have two nights for over 20s, so she could make enough money to cover the costs involved.

Thursday nights at the venue were for teenagers, and only soft drinks were available. Friday and Saturday nights were for the over 20s. There were plans to hold events for pensioners during the week.