Sow now to reap a one-pound onion in summer

John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON
John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON

One of the most popular and versatile vegetables is the onion, It is very easy to buy them in shops, but it is so much better to grown your own because the flavour is much, much better.

Now is the time to sow onions and her ate the garden centre we have different varieties of onion seeds, but I recommend Mammoth Improved Onion or Mammonth Red Onion. These are popular varieties both for their colour and size. It is

possible with an early sowing to get these onions to weigh more than a pound.

Sow now in a pot or a small seed tray, using Westland Grosure Seed & Cutting compost, or a multipurpose compost.

Cover the seed with vermiculite and water with tepid water.

Place in a dark area with a temperature of around 15C.

The seedlings should start to appear within two weeks, at which time move to a good light and reduce the temperature to 12C.

Once the seedlings are large enough to be handled, move them to individual pots, or plantpak 24 cell using Westland mulipurpose compost, maintaining a temperature of between 12-15C.

The plants should be ready to go outside into well prepared soil with a soil conditioner.

By late summer, the onions will be ready to harvest.

Anyone who has not sown seeds before and would like more information, please call into the garden centre for a demonstration.

Good luck and Happy New Year for a new gardening season.