Play area removed in Carrickfergus

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Carrick residents were left furious after a play area in the town was removed in September 1986.

The play area was removed to make way for the construction of a car park and boat trailer storage facility.

A resident offered to take on the responsibility of restoring and maintaining the play area at Legg Park.

The man from McKeens Avenue in the town called on the council to transfer the trust fund, which was used to maintain the park, to a local bank.

He wanted this done so the residents could use the funds to provide new play facilities. The man was also angered by the reaction of the majority of the local councillors at the time.

“Our local council couldn’t care less what happens. The only person who seems to be taking an interest is Councillor Robert Patton,” he said.

The Official Unionist councillor said at the time that he was concerned about the removal of play facilities at the park, but that no action to replace them could be made as the council was adjourned.

The council’s recreation manager tried to reassure the community that the facilities would be replaced on a site adjacent to the marina complex.