Penny farthing took teen to Carrick

The expense of running a van proved too costly for a Carrick teenager who decided to switch to a more old-fashioned form of transport for the commute in 1963.

Nineteen-year-old William Loughlin, from Larne Road East, in Eden, travelled to work by a penny farthing dating back to 1880.

William indicated that he had found the penny farthing covered in dust and cobwebs at his grandmother’s home.

He said that the last time it had been used was at a fancy dress parade where it had won a prize for originality.

He explained that he got it back on the road after giving it a “thorough oiling”.

He went on to say that he tried it out by cycling on side streets before venturing on to the main Larne Road where he drew stares from curious passers-by.

On his return from work, one evening, he was astonished to find neighbours lining the street to welcome him home.

However, William said that it had not been plain sailing as he had sustained a sprained wrist and injured elbow after falling over the handlebars.

He commented: “The tax on my van had run out and I could not afford to renew it. I had no bike, so the penny farthing is the next best thing.