Williams seeks extension of grass cutting in Carrick

Alliance councillor Ald. Noel Williams is seeking additional grass cutting on the A2.

Tuesday, 18th June 2019, 3:31 pm
Ald. Noel Williams.

At last Tuesday’s meeting of the Direct Services Committee, Ald. Williams asked Department of Infrastructure (Roads) officials to have at least one additional cut during the summer months, stating that the central reservation has now become “overrun with grass and weeds”.

Ald. Williams added: “The untidiness must make everyone wonder what on earth is happening when they see ‘elephant grass’ on the approaches to the town and now that the huge amount of grass has finally been cut, mounds of dead grass that are of haystack proportions.

“Ultimately, these will be blown over the road and block drains and on a gusty day could even be blown onto a vehicle windscreen and cause an accident.

“I have asked the Department to remove these as a matter of urgency”.

“Some years ago, Carrickfergus Borough Council had arrangements with the Department to maintain the upkeep of this area. At one point, flowerbeds were even set in the summer months.

“Unfortunately, MEA Council lacks the specialist tools and associated health and safety equipment to carry out this work, which is why I have asked the Department to do a little more to restore some semblance of tidiness to the area.

“I am hopeful that a timely return of the Assembly and reinstatement of ministers will see adequate budgets being allocated and a huge improvement in grass cutting services.”