Obituary: Lorna Shields

Lorna Shields. (Submitted picture)
Lorna Shields. (Submitted picture)

Lorna Shields, who died at the age of 72, was a dedicated and popular figure in the business community in her adopted home of Carrickfergus.

A native of Glasgow, Lorna Elizabeth Shields was born in March 1946 and would move with her family to Southern Rhodesia in April 1954, where she graduated with distinction from the Institute of Administration and Commerce as top student in 1965.

Her early employment was working in a law firm and she would later become an expert in sectoral title law in South Africa when she and her husband Gerry moved there in the 1970s.

In 1970 the couple had returned to the United Kingdom, where Lorna worked as director’s secretary at the Kimberley Clark company in Maidstone.

However in 1971 she was to return to Africa, having been appointed confidential secretary in Rhodesia Leaf Tobacco, where she remained for four years until resuming her legal career in SouthAfrica.

In 1994 Lorna moved to Ulster and two years later became office administrator of Carrickfergus Enterprise, a post she held until her death.

She was an extremely highly regarded member of staff and provided a range of financial and administrative services to many local businesses and budding entrepreneurs over the years. Her role included helping to develop projects such as the Business Improvement Programme and the

Coastal Tourism Hub. She also acted as chair of CABLE (Carrickfergus Area Business Links with Education).

Tribute was paid to her by the manager of Carrickfergus Enterprise, who said: “She was a fantastic motivator, organiser, advisor and expert tea maker in times of stress!”

“Having worked with Lorna for nearly 20 years, we had many fun times and Lorna contributed immensely to the successful organisation we are today,” she said.

An avid reader and crossword fanatic, she was also a keen traveller and along with her husband Gerry visited many parts of the world, including Europe, China, South America, and Canada.

She died on October 20, 2018, at the Northern Ireland Hospice following a brave battle with illness and is survived by her husband Gerry, and daughter Robyn.