Middle East trip for former Carrick Grammar student

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A young man from Carrickfergus was set to travel to work in the Middle East in February 1980.

Jim Jamison, who was 18, was going to Israel in February, before starting his law degree at Cambridge in October.

The former Carrick Grammar School pupil explained that he was nervous ahead of the trip because he had not been away from home on his own for so long before.

Jim said: “ I don’t really know what I am letting myself in for, but friends have told me it is a good experience.

“The work, I believe, is strenuous and badly paid, but that will be part of the experience.

“I am expecting not to enjoy it until I get settled.”

Jim was expecting to be paid £1.25 a week for six days work. He was taking around £200 spending money to help cover costs on his trip.

While in the Middle East he hoped to visit the Holy Land, not just to see the religious sights, but to get a feeling of the country and its people.

He hoped to have enough time to return home through Europe.

He added: “Mum is uneasy about me going because she associated Israel with war and because she doesn’t think I can look after myself.”