Male Voice Choir seeking members

Ballyclare Male Voice Choir.
Ballyclare Male Voice Choir.

The Ballyclare choir is open to new members as it gets ready for a new season and is welcoming interested men to join them on either Wednesday, September 6 or 13, at 7.30pm in Ballyclare High School.

A spokesperson stated: “If you can read music then great, that is anadvantage, but it is by no means essential. You will be helped to pick up the music more easily in other ways, such as in-house digital recordings of your part on a CD or in a file

format for those with a smartphone, tablet or PC. It will be amazing how quickly you will come to understand the basics of four part choral music.

“Don’t be concerned about auditions, joining the choir is a simple and comfortable process. Even bring along a friend for support, you will be met with a warm welcome and be introduced to the music team, conductor Paul Briggs and accompanist Sheelagh Greer.

“In only a few minutes, and in private, they will ask you to make just enough noises for them to decide in which of the four choir sections your voice would initially fit best. You will be placed beside an experienced choir member, someone who will look after you and guide you through the early stages of what it is like to be a choir member. You can stay within this

introduction process for enough practices and only when both you and the music team, and again in private, feel you are ready, a mutual judgement will be made and all being well you will become a full member of the Ballyclare Male Choir.”

The choir is always actively seeking new members, as long as they are past primary school age, to keep it going for many more than its already 84-year history and the catchment area for the current membership is far and wide.

Further information on the choir set up, activities and contacts can be found on its website and via Facebook.