Looking back... Youths causing havoc in Carrickfergus town centre

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Representatives in Carrick raised concerns that the town was being plagued by anti-social youths in April 1986.

A number of shop windows in the town centre as well as windows of private homes in housing estates across the region had been smashed.

Councillors Sean Neeson of the Alliance Party and Robert Patton of the Ulster Unionist Party both condemned the attacks.

Traders met to discuss the situation. The call was set to be made for more police on the street at night.

Chairman of the traders association, Mr John Strange said: “We are obviously concerned about this wanton vandalism. I am sure the police will come up with positive suggestions because they want to stop crime in the town centre as much as we do.”

He added: “It is not good for business. The traders want to attract people into Carrick town centre at night with the hope that they will shop in Carrick.

“This present spate of window smashing can only harm that ideal.”

Ald Sean Neeson claimed he had heard reports that a gang of vandals was touring the streets of the town at night with bricks “equipped” for the attacks.