Looking back... Disabled man from Carrick wins prestigious award

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William Erdis of Victoria Gardens was presented with a top award in May 1985.

Mr Erdis was awarded the Committee Shield in the William Keown Trust Award Scheme.

The project, masterminded by the Eastern Health and Social Services Board, was designed to bring recognition and inspiration to physically disabled people who showed particular effort, resilience and determination in overcoming their disability.

Then in his mid-50s and suffering from gross curvature of the spine due to a combination of accident and illness in his teenage years, Mr Erdis had a number of interests and had completed courses in music, art, computer studies, English language and also first aid.

He was divisional officer in the St John Ambulance Brigade, a group Scout leader and a member of a flute band.

He also gave lectures on first aid to Scouts, Girl Guides, the Girls’ Brigade and the Boys’ Brigade. Mr Erdis was nominated for the award by the pastor at his church.

Before the ceremony took place, Mr Erdis was asked how he rated his chances of winning an award. He said: “If I get anything, I will only be too pleased.”