Local political representatives plea for Whitehead High

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Whitehead High School was facing the axe in October 1985.

The all-girls school was to find out its fate by 1987. This raised concerns in the local community and amongst political representatives.

The decision to axe the school was disclosed to parents in a statement from the board of governors.

The proposal was being blamed on education policies which were said to be reducing the school’s intake and threatening it with financial ruin.

Alderman Sean Neeson and Jim Allister made separate calls to rescue the 60 year old school.

Alderman Neeson deplored the shake-up in education policy which was forcing the board of governors into their decision. He said that it was “a school of unique character and tradition”, and suggested that it could specialise in 11-16 year-olds, cutting its A level programme.

Jim Allister said that he had offered to accompany a delegation from the school to meet with the Education Minister.

“It would be a shame for a school which has such a long history of success and good academic achievement to be strangled now by department red tape,” he said.