Go-karting could get on track at Woodburn centre

Carrick Borough Council heard a proposal for the location of the Irish Go-Karting Association in the town.

The suggestion was made by Councillor Pat Armstrong in December 1965.

He said that the association was looking for a permanent base for its operation.

Councillors were also asked to consider provision locally for a playing field.

Councillor S Simms told the meeting that both Carrick’s hockey teams had to play all their home matches in Belfast because the pitch at Eden was “unfit for play”.

He said: “I would like to see the council look into the possibility of constructing an all-weather pitch at the end of Kennedy Drive on the site of the former rubbish dump.

“Not only would it remove an eyesore from the town but it would prevent the present situation from arising again.”

Councillor Armstrong said that the council should also consider the possibility of locating this pitch at Woodburn Road sports centre.

“We could also construct a track which would provide facilities for the Irish Go-Karting Association which is having difficulty finding permanent accommodation.”

The council’s surveyor was to investigate the matter.