Espresso bar opened in Carrick

One of the most modern coffee bars and ice cream parlours in East Antrim opened at Governor’s Place in Carrick in the spring of 1961.

“Whimbrel” was owned by Samuel Steele who explained that he decided to give the business, which faced the harbour, a name which had a connection with the sea.

Mr. Steele said: “There are many common names I could have called it but I thought ‘Whimbrel’, a sea bird, was rather unusual but easy to remember.”

Mr. Steele indicated that the cafe could seat 50 customers.

He pointed out its modern style gave it “an air of scrupulous cleanliness”. It also featured a long modern bar and contemporary bench type seats. The premises was heated by oil-fired central heating.

The menu included “all types of soups”, sandwiches, and coffee either creamed of black served from the “very latest espresso coffee machine”.

Two dozen ice cream desserts were available.

The “Whimbrel” was located on the site of the former office of Imperial Chemicals which had been situated at Governor’s Place when the salt works had been in operation in the town.