‘embRACE’ Week will celebrate all cultures

Council encourages citizens to 'embRACE' all cultures during week-long celebrations
Council encourages citizens to 'embRACE' all cultures during week-long celebrations

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is hosting a series of events to raise awareness of the area’s rich and diverse cultures.

It’s all part of week-long celebrations called ‘embRACE’ which will see Council working with various church groups, sports clubs, artsekta, InterEthnic Forum for Mid and East Antrim, libraries and museums.

The schedule runs from Saturday, February 17, to Saturday, February 24

Some of the planned events, which are supported through the Executive Office ‘Together: Building a United Community’ Strategy, include a race to embRACE with Park Runs across the borough, cultural crafts and story-telling for children, small world café networking and concert performances of song and dance.

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councillor Paul Reid said: “We are one borough of many cultures. This week is all about putting people first and embracing all those cultures that make up this vibrant community here in Mid and East Antrim.

“This programme being delivered by Council’s Good Relations continues to develop mutual understanding, respect for cultural traditions, the principle of interdependence and positive cross-community and race relations throughout the borough.

“I would encourage citizens across Mid and East Antrim to attend the many events taking place and celebrate the diverse range of citizens that make up this fantastic place to live and work.”

Ivy Goddard from the Inter-Ethnic Forum said: “We welcome this initiative from Council which provides a range of opportunities to promote community spirit and build positive relationships with all sections of the community who live and work in our Borough.

“We also look forward to developing our partnerships with community groups so that together we can continue to build better and stronger relationships in our communities.”

The events are being organised by the Council’s Good Relations Department, which is financially assisted through the Executive Office, Together: Building a United Community Strategy.

For more information or to register for events you can go to www.midandeastantrim.gov.uk/goodrelations

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