Electricity upgrade to be completed in Islandmagee

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A major refurbishment of the electricity network in Islandmagee, which had been ongoing for a number of years was set to be completed in the spring of 2000, it was announced in March 2000.

Northern Ireland Electricity’s customer service manager Eddie McGoldrick acknowledged that there had been significant problems with planned and unplanned power cuts throughout the work period in the area.

He said: “We have put a lot of investment into Islandmagee over the last two to three years to refurbish the network.

“This has meant that people have had their power interrupted. There has also been a series of weather related faults.

“That has been the final straw for a lot of customers. We hope, however, that when we finish the refurbishment, the network in Islandmagee will be as reliable as can be expected in any rural location.”

Northern Ireland Electricity representatives had been invited to speak at a meeting held by the Islandmagee Community Association.

Mr McGoldrick described this as a good opportunity for the residents to make their views known and for Northern Ireland Electricity to respond.