Dramatic rescue at Carrick Castle

Two children had to be rescued from a ledge at the rear of Carrick Castle in the spring of 1968.

The boys, aged 11 and nine, from Kirkland Square, had become trapped by a rising tide.

The boys were spotted by castle guide Jack McIlwaine who reported large breakers in the sea around the fortress, lashing rain and a strong wind.

Mr McIlwaine said: “I heard some faint cries for help. I looked out the archers’ window and there were two boys hanging on to a piece of rope just outside the window between the tower and the castle wall perched on a steep sloping ledge. “

He suggested that the pair had walked across whilst the tide was low.

A police spokesman indicated that it would only have been a matter of minutes before the rapidly rising tide would have reached them.

Carnmoney man William Gregg, a boatman, at Carrick Harbour, tied himself to a rope and was lowered down the 40 ft castle wall by police.

He tied the boys to the end of the rope and they were winched to safety, escaping injury.

A report in the East Antrim Times suggested that the pair had been trying to find a toy when cut off by the tide.