Donegal minister bought church hall in Kilroot for £85

An auctioneer took just over an hour to dispose of 30 buildings at Kilroot Fort.

Sixteen asbestos buildings with fitted bathrooms and wash-hand basins were snapped up at prices ranging from £85 to £160.

The best bargain was obtained by a Presbyterian minister from Donegal who purchased a wooden hut measuring 60 ft by 20 ft which he intended to use as a church hall.

It was said to have been in perfect condition. He paid £85 for the structure.

Twelve Nissen huts had been on offer at prices ranging from £35 to £50.

Flag stones, overhead cabling and electricity poles were also for sale.

The auction marked the end of the 70-year-old fort which had served as army batteries during both world wars.

The Kilroot building, at the entrance to Belfast Lough, had been used for more than ten years as a hostel to accommodate wives and children of serving soldiers. There were five women and 18 children in residence at the time of the sale. They were found alternative accommodation.

The site was expected to be included in the area where the new Imperial Chemical Industries was to be located.