Courtaulds workers sample factory life behind Iron Curtain

Three Carrick workers were to venture behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ in January 1961.

Gordon Skelton, Stanley Salisbury and R Gore were to take their skills to a factory in Balokovo, a city, 30 miles from Moscow which is situated on the left bank of the Volga river and is the location of Balokovo Nuclear Power Station.

The men were being sent to assist factory workers at a Russian viscose dying cord plant which Courtaulds was designing and building.

Mr Skelton was employed as a senior foreman in the spinning section of Courtaulds. Mr Salisbury was also employed in the spinning section, as a shift manager. Mr Gore was a deputy engineeer.

The trio were not the first to be sent by Courtaulds to work in Russia. Another employee had been based at the plant for the previous 12 months.

Closer to home, a bank worker was the guest speaker at the January meeting of Whitehead WI.

Mr. Moorehead, from Belfast Savings Bank, gave a talk to the ladies on the subject of ‘Making Ends Meet’.

He had on display a number of unusual money boxes from Japan, Finland, Germany, Italy and France.