Courtaulds job losses raised with Thatcher

Redundancies at Carrick’s Courtaulds factory were to be raised with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in June 1980.

Courtaulds chairman Chris Hogg revealed that 562 jobs would be lost at the factory reducing the workforce to 330.

Mr. Hogg met with representatives from the factory, the borough council and North Antrim MP Rev Ian Paisley.

He indicated that the remaining jobs at the viscose factory were also in doubt.

He said that anyone working in the textile industry must fear for their job.

Mr. Hogg said: “We have made a decision to close the viscose plant.”

Rev Paisley said: “I’m not happy with how Courtaulds has dealt with the redundancies.”

He added that he had requested a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the textile industry in Northern Ireland.

Councillor Stewart Dickson said that it would give Mrs Thatcher the opportunity to to hear about the textile situation in Northern Ireland.

He added: “We are tired making representations to monkeys at Stormont. It’s time to meet the organ grinder.”