Council questions what can be dumped at tipping site

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A report was due to be heard by Carrickfergus Council in relation to a dumping site in the borough in April 1984.

The local government authority’s Works manager Bertie Stewart was set to present to the council with regards to exactly what could be tipped on an area of land on the Marshallstown Road.

Members had agreed to the recommendation from the Planning Office to grant the owner of the land planning permission to use it as a tip for inert materials such as building rubble.

Carrickfergus Borough Council was responsible for issuing the tipping licence, but wanted to know what could be dumped.

It had been unable to issue a licence as the planning approval had not been given.

The local government authority wanted to resolve the matter as quickly as possible because some members had said that the site was allegedly being used as a general dumping area, not just by the owner of the land.

Some residents had complained that there was a bad smell coming from the tip and that it was unsightly.

It was understood that the owner had wanted to use the site for building waste before filling it in and landscaping it.