Company fined after body of shrew found in bottle of milk

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The Ballycarry depot of Northern Dairies was fined £15 in February 1967 after a dead shrew was found in a bottle of milk.

The bottle had been purchased by a shopkeeper in Cushendall.

The court heard how the bottle contained not only milk, but also the body of the shrew.

It was stated that the animal had been dead for some time.

The company was fined for retailing a bottle of milk which was unfit for human consumption.

After hearing the evidence, Resident Magistrate at Carrickfergus Magistrates Court, Mr J G Fox said: “This is a matter of great concern.”

He added: “It is a most disturbing case.”

Counsel for Northern Dairies said that the company was a most modern and efficient company.

They stated that the incident had been the result of a simple human error.

The court was told that on an earlier occasion, the east Antrim company had received a fine of £5.

This fine had been imposed on the dairy producer as they had sold a bottle of milk which had been found to contain a piece of wire.