Community angered after comments made about Whitehead school

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A councillor came under fire after comments she made about Whitehead High School in January 1986.

Official Unionist Cllr Molly Ardill had suggested that part of the school building should be considered as social and recreational facility in the area. An attempt by her to raise the issue at a council meeting was defeated by unionist councillors, who were angry that a discussion would breach the council’s Anglo Irish adjournment protest.

Mrs Ardill was also a member of the Whitehead High School Board of Governors. She said she was “privy to information about the school”, of which other members of council were unaware.

She said she could not reveal the information, but said she believed the continuing council adjournment was preventing members from taking a decision on the future of the existing community centre in Balmoral Avenue which needed considerable repair work. She added that while she was in favour of the unionist protest, she believed the matter required the council’s urgent attention. She said she believed part of the school, could be used as a community centre and the council must consider it as an option. The school’s future was to be decided.