College pupils rewarded for excellence with positive discipline

In-school bean bag cinemas were among the 'Positive Discipline' rewards earned by Ulidia College pupils.
In-school bean bag cinemas were among the 'Positive Discipline' rewards earned by Ulidia College pupils.

The end of term at Ulidia Integrated saw pupils reap the benefits of the College’s introductory year of ‘Positive Discipline’.

Students cashed in their ‘credits’ to receive rewards for their hard work, positive behaviour and involvement in school activities throughout the year.

On just one day, 185 pupils were rewarded through trips to Tayto Park and Carrickfergus Omniplex, beanbag cinemas in school and a visit by an ice cream van to the college at lunch time.

Another day saw the Year 12 pupils enjoy one last get-together at Carnfunnock Country Park with their Form Teachers and Year Leader.

All the end of year events were in addition to pupils being able to use their credits to ‘buy’ Flipping Crepes vouchers, free drinks, snacks and lunches and memory pens throughout the year as well as postcards and phone calls home in recognition of their efforts and achievements.

A spokesperson said: “We would like to congratulate all our pupils who have worked so hard throughout the year and demonstrated exceptional standards of work, behaviour, presentation and above all, our integrated values through their words and actions. Our first year of Positive Discipline has been challenging but extremely successful and we look forward to its development and progress next year. Already pupils have been talking about what they will save or spend their credits on.

“As always, we appreciate the support of parents/guardians particularly in this first year of Positive Discipline,” said the spokesperson who also extended thanks to the the local businesses and organisations that supported the College in providing rewards to pupils, including Flipping Crepes, The Beanbag Cinema Belfast, Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory Belfast and Fergus Butchers, EuroSpar, Carrick.