Carrick doctor honoured with prestigious award

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A doctor from Carrick received a prestigious title in 1980.

Sandra Wylie was presented with the title of Provost to the Northern Ireland Faculty of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Her achievement was all the more marked as she was the first woman in the Province to hold the position,

She was also the first Provost in the United Kingdom to be the wife of a former Provost.

Her role as Provost would mean that she would head GPs throughout Northern Ireland.

Even though there would be a lot of responsibility with the role and it would be very time consuming, Sandra was looking forward to taking up the year-long post.

She said: “It is unusual to have two doctors from the same district elected to this post, so you can imagine how pleased I am to be the first who is wife of a former Provost, let alone the first woman in the Province to hold the position.”

Sandra was a graduate of Queens University Belfast.

She had lived and worked in Carrickfergus for 29 years before receiving the accolade.

Before working in Carrickfergus, Sandra had worked at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.