A scented shrub to enjoy just now

At this time of year our gardens are asleep, waiting for the longer days and higher temperatures when the plants will burst into life.

However, even at this time of year there are some plants which can bring colour and fragrance into the garden and my choice is a plant called Sarococca Confusa. It is a very hardy evergreen shrub growing up to 6ft, tough it can be trimmed to keep it lower.

Its common name is Christmas Box. It starts flowering in January, giv-ings out a powerful fra-grance and as I write this article the plants in the centre are filling the shop with their scent.

The shrub should be placed in the garden where you can enjoy it, beside a path or near the front or back door, or plant in a con-tainer so that the plant can be moved to its best position.

The flowers are white and can last up to four weeks, depending on the weather.

The shrub can be planted now using Westland Rose, Tree & Shrub compost which has a four-month feed.

Sarococca Confusa likes light shade and can produce purple berries in the sum-mer. It can also be cut and used in floral displays.

Enjoy Sarococca Confusa

John Shannon

Inver Garden Centre