Planned visit of King George IV to Ireland (1821)

During this week in 1821 the News Letter published details of the planned visit of King George IV to Ireland.

Friday, 11th June 2021, 10:00 am
George IV depicted wearing coronation robes and four collars of chivalric orders: the Golden Fleece, Royal Guelphic, Bath and Garter. Picture: Royal Collection

“We learn, from authority, that His Majesty had at length expressed his determination to visit Ireland this summer,” the report ran. “The difficulties which were anticipated as likely to rise on the journey, have been obviated; and His Majesty has given his commands to the Lord Chamberlain, the Lord Steward of the Household, and the Master of the Horse, to make the necessary arrangement in their respective departments.

“The horses, which are to precede His Majesty have been selected, as well as those which are to convey him and his suite.”

“The time for His Majesty’s departure, however, has not yet been fixed. This will depend upon the period chosen for the Coronation. Should the session of Parliament be prolonged so as to prevent the Coronation taking place about the middle of July, His Majesty will proceed to Ireland in the first instance; but, on the contrary, if the Coronation can be effected by the middle of July, then His Majesty will set off to Ireland in a few days.”