YMCA thanks overseas workers for dedication

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Carrickfergus YMCA is preparing to say farewell to overseas volunteers who have spoken of the welcome they have received in the town.

Carrick YMCA has thanked Gilbert, Alex and Silvia for all of their hard work and dedication over the past year.

Carrick YMCA has been working closely with the European Voluntary Service for the last 15 years, bringing outstanding young people from all over Europe to help run their youth and family programmes.

Alex and Gilbert from Germany and Silvia from Spain have been praised for their “tireless work” during the last 12 months in the various programmes that Carrick YMCA runs in the local community.

They have also attended and helped out at events such as the annual Christmas event, Health Hub’s ‘Big Community’ matches, the PAKT family fun day and youth club’s science week.

A spokesperson for Carrickfergus YMCA said: “They have become familiar faces around the YMCA sites and bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge with them which helps to enrich the lives of young people in the local community.

“When asked what they loved most about their year with the YMCA they each had a different response. Alex talked about the people she met, and all of the friends that she made. She said that they ‘always had a laugh and a good time’. Gilbert spoke about the levels of diversity that came with the role.

“He liked the changing aspect of the role and the different challenges that came with ‘working with the younger ones in PAKT, the ranging age group in Youth Club or engaging young people in Health Hub’.

“For Silvia it was the ‘family atmosphere’. She said that the people in Carrick made her feel so comfortable and welcome that it became a ‘home from home’.

“Carrick YMCA would like to thank Gilbert, Alex and Silvia for all of their hard work and dedication over the past year and wish them all the best for their lives in the future. They will be sorely missed.”