‘Corrective works will be completed’ in Carrick

Editorial image.
Editorial image.

Virgin Media has pledged that any corrective works in Carrick are “completed and meet the required statutory standards”.

The telecommunications company was responding to criticism over the condition of footpaths in the town following the installation of fibre for the provison of “superfast broadband”.

Installation was planned to align with Department of Infrastructure works on the Marshallstown Road and the forthcoming public realm works on Lancasterian Street in a bid to reduce disruption and save on costs.

A Copperwood resident said that “the recent work undertaken in the general Carrickfergus area by or on behalf of Virgin has involved not only traffic disruption but the excavation of roads and pavements all around the town”.

“These have been repaired simply by the infill of the excavated trenches – thus resulting in unsightly black scars across and along most pavements,” he commented.

“This is an appalling eyesore – why can they not simply provide a coating of fresh tarmacadam across the entire width of the footpaths.”

“Who will undertake any further repairs needed?”

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “Virgin Media is in the process of expanding its network in the area which will bring ultrafast broadband speeds to local residents and businesses.

“The condition of roads and pathways has been monitored throughout the build and we will work closely with the Department for Infrastructure to ensure that any corrective works are completed and meet the required statutory standards.

“We endeavour to minimise disruption to local communities and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”