Winter jump league leaps into action at Knockagh View

THE six-week Wednesday night winter showjumping league has got underway at Knockagh View Equestrian Centre, Greenisland.

Jumping starts each week at 6.30 pm with 50 cms to 1 metre. The courses are designed by Alistair Megahey, who always produces a lovely flowing track.

Knockagh View are holding a Children’s Fun Day on Sunday, September 23 with a full range of ridden, obstacle and jumping classes throughout the day.


50 cms - 1, Chloe O’Brien, Katie; 2, Vicki Simms, Clyde; 3, Helen Campbell, Duke; 4, Chelsea Topping, Jack and the Bean.

60 cms - 1, Chloe Hope, Topkat; 2, Chelsea Topping, Jack and the Bean; 3, Leeann Radcliffe, Inca; 4, Alex Campbell, Duke; 5, Rachel Hughes, Fizz.

70 cms - 1, Kathy Delargy, Skylark Express; 2, Chloe Hope, Topkat; 3, Ashleigh Kirkpatrick, Wellan; 4, David Cross, Ellie May; 5, Jennis Marshall, Jessie; 6, Demi Blair, Twinkletoes

80 cms - 1, Kathy Delargy, Skylark Express; 2, Lauren Court, Melton; 3, Jean Topping, Tazaria 2; 4, Lucy McCammond, Charlie; 5, Glenn Davis, Flash; 6, Alan Cole, Shadow.

90 cms - 1, Kathy Delargy, Skylark Express; 2, Glenn Davis, Flash; 3, Eimear Ward, Zulu; 4, Emma Foster, Kinder; 5, Chloe Burgess, Olga; 6, Anne Sheridan, Gypsy.

1 metre - 1, Anne Sheridan, Gypsy; 2, Lesley Wilson, Lyleview Martell; 3, Kara Johnston, Flash.

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