World of work taster for Carrick College students

Chelsea Burrows on her work experience.  INCT 33-721-CON
Chelsea Burrows on her work experience. INCT 33-721-CON

Incoming Year 12 pupils at Carrick College have been preparing for their future careers after taking part in work placements.

Taking place at the end of the summer term, the students’ placements covered a range of professions including teaching, secretarial work, football coaching, mechanics, engineering and youth work.

“The College places real value in allowing pupils to gain an insight into specific fields or areas of work that they feel they may be interested in, believing that this focuses pupils on a possible chosen profession and enables them to work on their studies with an awareness of the qualifications and skills needed for their chosen field,” said a spokesperson for the school.

“Just as useful for some is the realisation that a job they were interested in was perhaps not as suited to their skills and capabilities as they had thought, empowering them to move on and make a different decision about their future path post-16. This year the pupils were able to get a taster of a huge range of areas.”

Meanwhile, five students from Year 10 have participated in the ‘Life’ project, run by the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service.

Pupils spent a week with the NIFRS learning new skills and working with eachother in unfamiliar surroundings.