Williams takes on new role as chair of Carrick policing body

Cllr Williams with CI Reid.  INCT 26-721-CON
Cllr Williams with CI Reid. INCT 26-721-CON

Councillor Noel Williams has taken on a new role as chairman of Carrickfergus Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP).

Cllr Williams, who replaced Andrew Wilson, met with the PSNI Area Commander, Chief Inspector Stephen Reid and Inspector Martin Ruddy, to discuss policing priorities for the area.

Councillor Williams said: “A number of issues are of immediate concern to me, namely domestic violence; elderly isolation and fear; crimes against the farming community; anti-social behaviour; ‘boy racers’ in our car parks and along the Marine Highway; drugs, prescription drugs and so called ‘legal highs’.

“I am delighted that the PCSP was able to agree funding for five community projects for the coming months, including a criminal justice support worker for Women’s Aid; support for the work of Castle Boxing Club; the ‘Pathways for Participation’ programme to be delivered by ONUS; a youth engagement project by Youth Concern Whitehead, and a programme of domestic and elder abuse training to be delivered by the CITHRA Foundation.”