Uplift drama group bound for sister city

Ryan and Amy Moffett pictured outside the West T Hill Theatre in Kentucky.  INCT 23-726-CON
Ryan and Amy Moffett pictured outside the West T Hill Theatre in Kentucky. INCT 23-726-CON

A Carrickfergus-based performing arts troupe are to showcase their dramatic talents to an American audience next month.

Uplift Performing Arts group will be running a two-week summer camp in Carrick’s sister city of Danville, Kentucky in July.

Leading the 12-strong drama delegation will be local couple Ryan and Amy Moffett, directors of the group.

“The idea for the workshops came about when Liz Orndorff, a playwright from Danville, was visiting as part of an exchange programme last October,” said Ryan.

“We met up with Liz and she was very impressed with the work we had done with the kids here, so she wanted to see about organising something similar for the young people in Danville.

“Amy and myself visited Danville on the 13th and 14th May to arrange things with the theatre.

“The project has also been supported by Carrickfergus Borough Council.”

Taking part in the programme are cast members locals Aaron Watson, Courtney Munro, Ryan Proctor, Jenna Macartney, Emma Jefferson and Erin Gillies from Carrick; Johanna Johnston, Joel Johnston and Ellie McKay from Larne and Whitehead’s Sophie Grier.

Meanwhile, the group will be joined in the United States by Los Angeles director Michael Neumeyer.

Geared towards children aged 3-18, the workshops will take place at Danville’s West T Hill Community Theatre, who are also sponsoring the event.

“We have about 100 booked in to do the workshops,” Ryan added.

“The show is a variety production created by Amy and myself. They wanted something with an Irish theme so we decided on ‘Sham-Rock’. It’s a exchange of music and culture as well as showcasing some of Broadway’s greatest hits.

“The cast will be in the States from July 12-29, with the workshops running from 14th– 19th and 21st-26th. There’ll then be a show on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.”