Teens get green light for cheaper fares

Fixers group from Carrickfergus.  INCT 15-721-CON
Fixers group from Carrickfergus. INCT 15-721-CON

Young people from Carrickfergus who are campaigning for cheaper bus and train tickets have won the support of Translink.

The public transport company has agreed to better promote its ‘yLink’ card, which offers discount fares, after meeting a group of young people involved with Fixers.

Fixers is a national charity which supports young people aged 16-25 to tackle any issue that matters to them. Lead Fixer Loni-Ann Steenson, 17, and her team believe the cost of public transport is too high for young people.

Working with Fixers, the team created a billboard poster encouraging Translink to think twice about fares for under 19s. “It’s a big problem for young people who don’t have a lot of money and rely on the bus and train services to get around,” said Loni.

Initial discussions with Translink resulted in the group being introduced to the yLink card - which allows 16-23 year olds to save a third off bus and rail travel fares.

Loni was then invited to attend the Translink Youth Forum and put forward the group’s views on the price of transport. The presentation also gave members of the Forum an opportunity to learn more about the yLink card.

Danielle Beswick, Brand Coordinator for Translink said: “We need to explore better ways to promote the existing yLink card; we are glad that we have had this conversation with the young Fixers and have heard how passionate they are about the project.”

Loni added: “I hope that better advertising of the card and further discussions with Translink will improve young people’s understanding of their rights when it comes to paying for public transport.”