Roads manager details sea wall repairs and new crossings

A total of £25,000 was spent on sea wall repairs at Sloefield Road in the year 2013/2014, Carrickfergus Borough Council has been told.

Details were outlined by Divisional Roads manager, Deidre Mackle, during a meeting with the local government authority on Monday evening.

Members were informed of other significant areas of work completed by the division including the provision of dedicated left and right turning lanes on Knockmore Park at the junction with Upper Road which incorporated an additional 40metres of footway along with a pedestrian island.

On Middle Road, the officer continued, at Woodburn the carriageway was widened to provide right-turn pockets into both Meadow Hill and the filling station. The existing pedestrian island was replaced with a new puffin controlled crossing to aid pedestrian crossing movements to the filling station and local bus stops. A similar crossing has also been provided on Victoria Road near Princess Way.

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