‘Remain vigilant over burglaries’ - Stewart

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Carrickfergus residents are being reminded to remain vigilant over burglaries despite an overall drop in reported incidents over the past year.

The most recent PSNI figures revealed that for the period between April 1 2013 and March 24 2014, there were 140 incidents of burglary in the Carrickfergus borough - a decrease of 8.5 percent or 13 fewer victims compared to the previous year.

The statistics, which are subject to change, are also divided into domestic and non-domestic indents.

Domestic burglaries across the borough as a whole were up slightly by 3.2 percent, while non-domestic burglaries were down significantly by 26.7 percent.

Speaking after the last meeting of Carrickfergus Policing and Community Safety Partnership, Councillor John Stewart said: “I welcome the work to PSNI and PCSP have done to help combat crime locally and comparatively speaking Carrickfergus remains one of the safest places in the country.

“However it is important that we draw attention to the threat of burglary in the borough and remind people to be on guard. Scarcely a week passes without contact from a constituent who has suffered a break-in and the story is becoming all too familiar. I would ask people to be sensible, keep doors and windows locked, report suspicious activity in the area and look out for your neighbours.

“If there is not already a neighbour watch scheme in your area then look into starting one, I would be happy to assist anyone with this. Finally if you do have concerns or want more information on protecting property, the local PSNI crime prevention team have a wealth of material and guidance.”