Pro-active attitude to litter praised

Councillor Gavin Norris.
Councillor Gavin Norris.

A call has been made for Carrickfergus Borough Council to phase out open bins in a bid to reduce litter problems.

It comes from Councillor Gavin Norris and follows a commitment from a fast-food outlet to tackle litter in the area surrounding its premises.

In correspondence with Mr Norris, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) agreed to conduct random checks and lift any fast-food packaging.

“Whilst walking in the area I noticed some food packaging on the ground and decided to contact KFC as it is important that businesses and the council work together to keep our area clean and tidy,” said Mr Norris.

“They have been most co-operative and I am delighted at the commitment to inspect the surrounding area for rubbish. I noted KFC’s observation that, unlike their own, the council’s bins are open at the top and some rubbish appears to have been dragged out by seagulls and/or other wildlife.

“I have therefore made the suggestion to council officers that they phase out open bins, particularly near the sea, and replace them with bins of the closed-type with flaps.

“I am pleased with KFC’s response and believe that this is the sort of working relationship with the Council that is vital if we are to tackle problems together in our area.”