More than £20m in rates from Carrick

In excess of £20 million will be collected from Carrickfergus ratepayers as the annual bill drops through letter-boxes in the borough.

Land & Property Services, Department of Finance and Personnel, is tasked with collecting monies on behalf of the Executive and councils.

Bills outline the amount due for the period 2014/15 including any debt that may have been carried forward from previous years along with any rate relief where applicable.

An LPS spokesperson said: “There are 13,358 ratepayers in Carrickfergus Borough Council area and through the payment of their rates they have helped to fund the provision of a number of public services. In fact, in 2012/13 alone, approximately £22million was collected in the Carrickfergus area.

“This money has been invested in vital public services such as healthcare, education and roads as well as helping to fund a wide range of Council services and facilities, bin collection, building control, tourism and local events.”

In February, council’s district domestic rate was struck at 0.3933 pence (from 0.3881 in 2013/14) and the non-domestic rate at 28.7542 pence (from 28.3757 in 2013/14).

Some of the projects featured in a £1.3 million spend include a new playpark in Greenisland and enhancements to the existing playpark in Legg Park, improvements to Bentra Golf Course, and coastal path works in Whitehead.

The Mayor, Alderman Billy Ashe, commented: “ This is the last rate that will be struck by Carrickfergus Borough Council as next year, the responsibility for striking the rate for 2015/16 will fall to the new Mid and East Antrim District Council.”

LPS advises if there is any information on the bill which is incorrect, or if circumstances have changed, to contact 0300 200 7801.

There is a wide range of other payment methods available to customers such as: standing order, telephone and internet banking, cheque, or by using the ‘Rates QuickPay Card’.

Further information at or for non-domestic customers, at