Meeting over Oakwood Road bonfire

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The Housing Executive will take steps to protect houses close to the site of a bonfire on Oakwood Road.

A spokesperson for the housing authority indicated that an inter-agency meeting was held over the structure at Carrick Town Hall on Thursday afternoon, with a number of community representatives present.

“We are aware that bonfire material has been gathered at Oakwood Road,” the spokesperson added. “Bonfires are traditional events and we work with the local community to try to ensure that they are safe and pose no damage to local property.

“We have been working closely with Carrickfergus Borough Council, the Fire and Rescue Service of Northern Ireland and the PSNI to try to ensure the bonfire is managed properly.

“We acknowledge the concerns expressed and are taking measures to protect houses close to the bonfire site.”

In a statement, the PSNI said they were ‘aware’ of community concerns with regard to the site.

“Whilst not the lead organisation on the issue of bonfires, we understand we have a role to play and are engaged in conversations with other statutory organisations relating to this matter,” the statement read.

“Whilst bonfires themselves are not illegal, disposing and burning waste tyres on a bonfire is an illegal activity. Bonfires can be a source of considerable annoyance and are potentially a dangerous source of pollution.

“We will fully investigate any complaints in relation to breach of the peace, or allegations of anti-social behaviour or disorder in relation to bonfires.”