Ulidia goes back to its roots on prize day

Ulidia Integrated College’s early “difficulties” were recalled as the school held its annual speech and prize day.

Staff and pupils joined the prize winners to share in the success and achievements of pupils for the year 2012/2013.

Guests Trea Buick, a founding teacher of the college; Lynze Hall, a founding pupil and now a teacher at Ulidia and Carly Smyth, also a founding pupil and now art technician, join with the Board of Governors in the official presentations.

Mrs Buick and Miss Hall spoke passionately about the history of the college and how its beginning had an impact on their lives. They recalled the difficulties that surrounded the birth of the college with only 63 pupils in second-hand mobiles to the growth and success now in a purpose-built establishment with over 570 pupils. They also concentrated on how it has developed academically “becoming the number one school in Northern Ireland last year, based on A Level results”.

Awards and trophies were presented for GCSEs, A Levels and attendance as well as music, sport and Duke of Edinburgh. Pupils were also recognised for their outstanding contributions to the ethos of the school and their commitment to school life.

Principal Eugene Martin expressed thanks to head prefect of 2012-2013, Naomi Smyth, for her dedication to school life (pics on 18).



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