‘Stay safe on the roads when going back to school’

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With many parents and young people now settling back in to the school run routine, the PSNI is reminding everyone to stay safe on the roads.

Ryan Henderson, PSNI Superintendent for Community Safety, said: “Like it or loathe it the new school term has started and everyone will notice an increase in traffic on our roads. Rush hour traffic can be frustrating but the key to getting to your destination safely is patience and paying attention to what’s happening around you.

“If your journey takes you past a school then be prepared for a build-up of traffic with parents dropping pupils off. Stay alert to large groups getting on and off buses, watch out for children who may unwittingly step out from between parked cars and slow down.

“Likewise parents should take this opportunity to speak to their children about how to safely cross the road. As a Road Safety Education Officer I am regularly in schools speaking to young people but it helps if these messages are being reinforced at home.

“Parents living in rural areas may find their children have a long walk home once the bus leaves them off. As we move into the darker evenings it is vitally important that your child can be seen by other road users so invest in some reflective jackets and stickers and straps for school bags. Motorists also need to be more aware of pedestrians on rural roads and give them plenty of room when passing.”

Supt Henderson added: “Finally, remember the road is there for everyone to share, so make it your own personal responsibility to do what you can to keep yourselves and others safe.”


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