High hedges removed

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Carrickfergus Councillor Noel Williams has welcomed progress to remove ‘dangerous’ and ‘unsightly’ tall trees from a property on North Road.

The Alliance representative said: “These trees have been out of control and causing distress to the residents surrounding this site for more than 25 years.

“I first raised my concerns more than 18 months ago when a constituent, Jean McAnally of Oakland Park, was in fear of her life when a tree was blown over into her garden, narrowly missing her house.

“I assisted Jean to apply to the council under the High Hedges Act 2011 to have them reduced below the acceptable height of two metres.

“I am delighted that the new owner of the site has been very proactive and has decided to clear the entire ‘forest’ before eventually redeveloping the site. I am hopeful that all trees will be off the site by mid-April.”