‘End Knockagh fly tipping’

Carrick Councillor Andrew Wilson has called for an end to fly tipping in the borough following the most recent incident of illegal dumping on the Knockagh Road.

The Ulster Unionist representative said: “I have reported numerous cases of fly tipping on the Knockagh Road and in surrounding areas over the past number of years, but worryingly the frequency of fly tipping seems to be increasing. Fly tipping is illegal and creates unnecessary stress and concern for local residents.”

“Carrickfergus Council staff have been excellent in responding to the reported incidents, however, their time and valuable resources could be better utilised elsewhere. Fly tipping creates an unsightly mess in our scenic countryside and I would urge those responsible to use our waste recycling centre at Sullatober and to cease their irresponsible actions. If anyone sees an incident of fly tipping, please report it on 028 9335 8000.”