Debut novel is ‘dream come true’ for Susan

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A Carrick woman has told of how a life-long love of writing spurred her on to release her first book.

Susan Lewis published her debut novel, Undying Romance, at the end of January through online retailer Amazon.

The mother of three, from Woodlawn Court in the town, developed a fondness for storytelling from an early age.

“I’ve always loved writing, and I love to read romances like Mills and Boon and Virginia Andrews,” said Susan.

“This story is about a young country girl and her hopes and dreams for finding romance; she goes into the big city to meet new people and hopes to become famous. It’s a mixture of fact and fiction and is set here, north and south.”

“It took me about a year to write the story; I thought that now that my three children are grown up it was just the perfect time to do it.”

Currently a part-time auxiliary nurse based at Musgrave Park Hospital, Susan’s passion for writing had the support of her husband, Brian, and children Susan, Kerry and Matthew, with Undying Romance released on her son’s eighteenth birthday on January 31.

“It was actually a friend of my husband’s, William Luke, who took care of publishing the book for me through Amazon. He designed the cover as well so I’m very grateful to him and also to Natalie Hall, who types everything up for me,” Susan said.

“I’m writing the follow up at the minute and I’d love to turn it into a trilogy.”

The novel, which is also available in Kindle format, has already seen a number of online sales.

“It’s mostly spread through word of mouth about the book and I’ve had quite a lot of people at work congratulating me, which has been great,” Susan added.

“I got an email from Hugo Duncan with congratulations as well; it turned out my son had got in touch with him!

“To have my own book in my hands is a dream come true; it’s just fantastic to have achieved that.”

Undying Romance by Susan S Lewis is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.