Call to re-think new parking arrangements


Calls have been made to rethink a decision to relax parking restrictions on a section of Carrick’s Marine Highway next to a new play area.

Earlier this month, the Times reported that Roads Service had removed the double-yellow lines and ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ restriction on the landward side of the road next to the Marine Gardens play park.

These have been replaced with a single yellow line, allowing parking on Monday to Friday from 6.00pm to 8.00am and at weekends.

The measures aim to provide additional parking facilities and to give greater access to the popular children’s facility.

However, the move has attracted some concern over the safety of the new arrangements.

Local UKIP candidate Noel Jordan suggested it did not make sense to create congestion on one part of the main route. “It is obvious that motorists from Carrick will benefit from the current ongoing A2 upgrade by widening the main road to Belfast at a cost of millions of pounds,” he said.

“However, whilst we are alleviating congestion on one major section of the main road to Belfast we are going to witness the introduction of congestion to another part of the road.

“I am astounded to learn that cars will now be permitted to park on the Marine Highway in the Larne direction adjacent to the Marine Garden children’s play park, which in my opinion will result in creating traffic congestion and delays on the main thoroughfare through our town.

“This decision will undoubtedly make this part of the road a more dangerous place to drive and park and in my opinion it seems that little or no consideration has been given to the potential health and safety issues and associated dangers this will undoubtedly bring, let alone the congestion it will create.

“To introduce parking along the Marine Highway near a play park where for obvious reasons there will be a lot of children and young adults is the complete opposite in terms of pedestrian and public safety.

“I would question how much thought has been given to the safety of children and parents who will undoubtedly make use of these parking facilities.

“The simple task of opening a car door onto the roadside is an accident waiting to happen.”

Commenting on social networking site Facebook, several other local residents suggested that a better option may have been to reduce fees at other nearby car parks.